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"... with regards my beautiful painting ... When I opened it last night I couldn't believe just how beautiful it really is; I just broke in to tears it is so very special. Thank You so much ..."  Shirley W

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Original Artwork and Prints


Jacky started painting (after many years break), in 2016. Living by the sea in Cornwall, the first pieces were of waves and watery scenes (some of which went to local galleries). However, she soon felt guided to paint angels, spirit guides and spirit animals, as well as a wide range of spiritual art including star beings! (image left is sold).


She sells most of her original acrylic art through her

'Jacky Newcomb Art' Facebook page.  


These are all signed and varnished canvass boards or box canveasses.


The styles vary so much (and Jacky has no idea why). It's as if she is guided by unseen hands!

Zazzle_home_16 Jacky with Goddess

Prints on Products


Jacky's artwork is available on everyday products, at her Zazzle store; it features on on t-shirts, mugs, cushions and clocks!


If you fancy a particular image on something else that Zazzle has available as a 'blank'; let us know and we can easily add that to the list for you.

Art Montage at Zazzle Arturian 1

Star beings are another favourite topic (this one is sold). This is an Arcturian; the energy around it glows in the dark (no tricks, no special paints). Such a beautiful and kind aura she has.

*Don't forget to follow Jacky on Facebook.

Arcturian glow

A photograph, snapped by phone, in the studio, at night.

Jacky painting waves

Larger Gallery Artwork


The larger 'gallery' pieces on box-canvass', are available to buy from Yummy Interior Design in

St Austell. Also on Facebook here

Fire Cave painting

And Jewellery Designer


Jacky has created ever-changing pieces of hand-crafted jewellery, many including real crystal parts. See the current range of 'star being' pendants and earrings here at the Facebook page.


copyright Jacky Newcomb 2017

pin star being earrings and necklace



I am proud and honoured to have [an] original painting ... it is to my left as I sit here, and it brings me strength and guidance ...


I would always say, if you fancy a painting, go for it ... it will arrive safely because the packaging is just amazing ... do not fear that it may be damaged in transit, (I know that many hold back because of this), and then you have the adventure of choosing a frame that is suitable. It's lovely to know that you have a "one-off", a spirit-inspired painting that no-one else will ever have.

Angela E. Poppleton