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"...an inspiring and heartfelt read"

Rustie Lee,

Celebrity Chef

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"...read Jacky Newcomb's books  ... just enjoy!

Suzi Quatro, Singer/Songwriter


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"Our dear friend, singer Patti Boulaye invited us to her first night at The Crazy Coqs Cabaret & Jazz Club in London." More photos

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"With my close friend, TV presenter Anthea Turner."

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Book Endorsements - P1

'We love Jacky's modern day style, and her books are definitely a firm favourite in the S&S book cupboard.'

Golnaz Alibagi, Soul & Spirit Magazine


“Call Me When You Get to Heaven’...making

headlines across the world.”

Staffordshire Life Magazine


‘Jacky Newcomb is the down-to-earth face of angels...

Miracles really do happen—as this amazing book proves.’

Take A Break’s Fate & Fortune


'An Angel Treasury is very user friendly...'

London Review of Books


'This truly is a treasury whether you are new to angel work, or work regularly with these wondrous beings. It is filled with knowledge, compassion and wisdom, but also a joy to read. As you read it you will know it is inspired by angelic communication and will help even the most sceptical or diffident reader to feel the brush of their wings.'

Cassandra Eason, author, broadcaster and psychic counsellor


This is the ultimate guide on all things angelic, written by the UK's leading angel expert.  Everything you need to know about angels has been covered here in this book...An Angel Treasury is a huge inspirational reference book...Jacky Newcomb has delivered the angel almanac of all time...

'Rainbow News' (NZ)


Crammed with everything you ever wanted to know about angels...

'Connect 'magazine


This is one of those wonderful pick-up-and-dip-into books giving different information in sections so that you can either read a delightful angel experience, find the answer to a burning question or look up the angel for your birthsign...I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful angel stories...she opens the book with a great question and answer section that covers just about everything you might have wondered about.  A great compendium for angel lovers wanting to have all the different information at their fingertips.

'Spirit & Destiny' magazine


This comprehensive guide contains everything you could possibly wish to know about all things angelic....The real beauty about this book though is not just its subject matter, but also the simple, non-patronising way in which Jacky has written it...This is a fascinating flight of fancy into another world - spread those wings!

'Vision' Magazine


'Packed with information, anecdotes and the answers to frequently asked questions on this massive subject, An Angel Treasury is likely to be leafed through again and again. Having already topped the bestseller chart in the Mind Body Spirit category several times since its launch in November, The Angel Lady Jacky Newcomb's new book looks set to become a classic of its genre.

The pages of angelic experiences make inspiring reading and there is a lovely section on how we can help angels. With angel meditations, astrology, herbs and crystals, an Angel Treasury is a complete a book on the subject as you are likely to find. The A-Z of names alone covers over fifty pages and the author has also included an almanac suggesting one or more angels that may be called upon to help in every activity imaginable from quilting to tree surgery. Healers can call upon Uriel for healing knowledge, Hamiel for remedies and health, Raphael for health, or Ariel, Zadkiel, Metatron, Raphael or Sariel for healing. Fine distinctions, perhaps, but there are times when specific need requires specific aid. Animal healing is the province of Ariel and Sariel takes care of hygiene. There are angels for times, angels for problems, situations and even punishment - one wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Rogziel, also known as Wrath of God. Fallen angels are also named, although since once source suggests there may have been over one hundred and thirty-three million, the author has opted to name only the best known.'

Review by Sue Phillips


'I loved the book, and enjoyed reading every page of it'



'Jacky Newcomb is known as “The Angel Lady.” She writes articles on angels, has a regular magazine column answering angel queries, appears as a guest on television, runs an on-line shop, and hosts angel workshops. Jacky Newcomb is immersed in all things celestial! An Angel Treasury is a quintessentially accurate title for this remarkable resource book. Basic, universal questions are answered in the beginning of the book with quotes taken from literature and scripture included for addition contemplation.  The almanac section of the treasury encompasses an incredible variety of thorough charts. The usual planet, hour, angel correlations are noted but there are also charts of angels to call upon to assist with life's stresses, hobbies, occupations, health issues, relationship issues, etc. Who named the angels? Their creator or humans? What do their names mean? There is a beautiful section on how angels help humans and how humans can and do access the assistance of angels. My favorite section comes toward the end of the treasury with a section on creative ways to maintain contact with your angels and guides. Guided meditations are included and I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of the Meet Your Guardian Angel Meditation !

This treasury is a must have for those interested in everything angel .'



‘…this heart-warming new book is full of inspirational guidance, practical ideas, quotes and stories of angels and afterlife communication.’

'Paranormal' magazine.


‘A delightful little book that you can fit in your bag or pocket.’

'Psychic Voice Newspaper'


‘This book is both sweet and pretty and I loved all of it,’

Vision magazine


'A beautiful read that will inspire and touch all who read it, and bring them to the realization we are always surrounded by angels'

Tony Stockwell, star of LIVINGtv's 'Psychic Detective'


"Jacky Newcomb yet again surpasses herself in a truly outstanding wealth of true experiences. 10 out of 10 for this little Angel"

Allison Jordan 'PARANORMAL' Magazine Editor



‘Powerful stories of communication with angels and guidance from loved ones in the afterlife’.

'Psychic Voice'