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Tribute to my late friend, TV Psychic Medium Colin Fry

29 August 2015


RIP Colin Fry


It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that my dear friend, TV medium Colin Fry died last night.


I was lucky enough to have met Colin in his early years on TV and we kept in contact after that. I interviewed him for several magazines ... he always shared way more than I felt I could share! smile emoticon He used to forget I was writing for a magazine and we'd chat away ... just like his stage shows, I would say to him, 'I can't say that!!' He always made me laugh.


I remember when I went with my husband John to watch him on stage ... he spotted me up on the balcony above the stage. He turned to the 2,000 strong audience and said, 'that's my friend Jacky up there!' He invited us back the following night as his guests but I forgot to turn my phone off properly in the break; and when my phone rang out in the second half you could hear it very clearly. I tried to scoop it under the seat and when that didn't work and I tried desperately to switch it off it took ages. Every face in the audience turned to me and Colin made a joke about 'someone's spirit friend Nokia ringing from the other side.' I expect he had to use that line a lot but I realised I'd gone from his dear friend one night to the annoying woman with the phone the next! smile emoticon (See photo)


He was born in 1962, the same year as me (I know you are working that out now!) His Wikipedia page says, "...Colin Fry hosted a number of television programmes dealing with the supernatural, including Most Haunted, Psychic Private Eyes and 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry, produced by Living TV. Also, Psychic Private Eyes on the Zone..."


He entered the living rooms of thousands and thousands of people around the world. He taught a whole generation of people that death is not the end, and we are grateful for that.


I saw him for the final time just a few weeks ago. He came to a venue in Cornwall, close to my home. My friend Barrie John was working on stage with Colin and we arranged my visit as a surprise. I'll never forget the look on Colin's face as I walked through the door. It was wonderful and we were able to have a final hug and chat for a few moments (see photo).


He text me just a few days ago. It was his goodbye message to friends. I felt privileged to have been in that small group. Even then I was amazed that he was thinking of others in his final few days on Earth. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to tell him in person how much he meant to me.


Goodbye darling. I will miss you very much. You have left a big hole in the heart of the world and we will mourn your loss for a very long time. You touched the hearts of millions in a way that you will never know. Thank you for your service.


Condolences to Colins family.

Much love

Jacky Newcomb x

This tribute first appeared on my facebook page and was viewed by over 85,650 people.