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Reader's Funny Stories Relating To Jacky

It seems that with some of you, we connect even when asleep. Thank you for sharing these fun stories.



"I had a dream last night; it was a wonderful dream because you were in it. All the time you were smiling ...and you were showing me all of your books and showing me around a building.  You were just walking around in your red suit. It was a cool dream I thought."


*And later another one...


"Hi Jacky i had a dream where you was in it you was in my living room sat on the carpet with me you had some paper in front of you. :) Then your phone rang you asked who is it they talking scary to frighten you for a joke. Then the room said what her name was then you found out was one of your friends. Then you and your friend started laughing about it. When she was starting talking scary I asked you who it is was :D. It was cool cause I heard you talking this time in the dream and also because you was in my home."



Hi Jacky O:) I have four other dreams with you in them. First one where you had your yellow wings dress on, second one you looked depressed about something, third one you was crying about something or someone and the one i had last was cool and abit funny because you was a teacher in the dreams you said you wanted to sing so me and loads of others i was banging are hands on the tables and cheering saying come on and go on. :D



"For several weeks now I have been suffering from sleepless nights. Life has been very difficult of late and for one reason or an other the lack of sleep has helped to make life at times near to unbearable.To top it off I had been given some medication that I had a reaction too.After nearly four weeks of up and down during the night I have started to sleep again but not a restful sleep.


Last night I had a restless sleep to start and when I finally did sleep I dreamed of you. I kept thinking why are you here Jacky. You were dressed all in white and made me think of a lovely angel bathed in golden light. You stepped forward and taking my hands in yours like praying hands you said please stop worrying all will be alright.


It turned out to be the best night of sleep I have had in ages."



"I had dream about you once. It was after i'd read, 'call me when you get to heaven', your book about your dad.


I remember 'walking' into a room full of people...like a talk show you where hosting it. It was called 'Angel Secrets Show'. I was sitting in the crowed... it felt so real then I woke up lol."



"I had a dream that you came with me to see Peter [Andre]  in concert; you were dancing around the theatre really enjoying yourself. My angel told you to sit still!"


Monique (from Holland)

"When I was four years old my sister aged 11 years old Diana died of a braintumor. The day she was buried, my mam said that I was waving out of the window, she said you where waving goodbye to Diana. I always felt her presence. She sent me messages for myself but also for other people.


When my son was 11 months old, he was slepping in his pram, I heard her voice shout get johnny out of his pram, I got him out of the pram and he wasn't breathing anymore.


Someone started to give him first aid, and his heartbeat came back. The doctors in the hospital said, johnny had a cot death experience. And that he was lucky that I got him out of his pram.  


My sister has always been on my side but then a year ago I could't seem to connect with her anymore, and I was very sad. Then my mam phoned, she lives in england. She said the strangest thing has happend, she was clearing away her books, which she always gives to me when she comes to Holland. she said, Monique there was a book on my side table which I didn't buy, and I've never seen it before. it was just lying there. She gave me the book. It was your book 'An angel by my side', and when I turned the pages and saw your verse 'I am still here' and I knew my sister is still with me. Thank you Jacky x"



"My son being a typical skeptic, was asking why I read and had soo many angel books yesterday and I told him I believed. Later on that evening he went into the kitchen and the radio turned on by itself; Abba was playing I believe in angels [Jacky: I have a dream], lol so funny had to share as it was my pile of your books he was looking at :D x"



"I just wanted to share with you that I had an amazing dream last week and you were there.  I'm not sure where we were but I was knelt in front of you and you were beaming healing energy (i'm assuming) into my third eye. It was a brilliant bluey-white colour and the sensation was unbelieveable, it was so strong my body shook accepting the healing.  


I woke up and it seemed so real.  Thank you for the healing."



"Hi jacky sorry to bother u but wanted to share a dream i had with u it happened 4 months ago I dreamt I was at a park with my son and my friend and her son were playing with him I was sat in a bench I looked up and in the field behind the park was a white horse so I walked over to it when I got to the horse at the fence it was a unicorn and beautiful.


I've never seen anything like it and he was glowing white and I can't explain how beautiful he was after a while he walked off i tried to follow but couldn't I was not allowed anyway I remember thinking why were u here in my dream and I got back we bought u a baby u conceived anyway the nxt morning told my mum but thought nothing of it as been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year so guessed it was on my mind! 2 weeks later I had a positive test in my hand."