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Jacky Newcomb

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The Best-Selling Author and Columnist


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Jacky is a Columnist for

Take-a-Break's Fate & Fortune

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With international singer and TV  presenter Peter Andrè 

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With TV Presenter Holly Willoughby ITV's This Morning

"...an inspiring and heartfelt read"

Rustie Lee,

Celebrity Chef

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"...read Jacky Newcomb's books  ... just enjoy!

Suzi Quatro, Singer/Songwriter


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With classical musician and TV Presenter Myleene Klass on GMTV

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"Our dear friend, singer Patti Boulaye invited us to her first night at The Crazy Coqs Cabaret & Jazz Club in London." More photos

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"With my close friend, TV presenter Anthea Turner."

"The lovely Uri Geller took this selfie of us at a private event."  

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Painting angel symbols Jacky Newcomb

Fun Facts About Jacky Newcomb



"I once took part in a radio show with a vicar, a rabbi and a priest...no joke! We all got on really well."





"My first appearance on ITV's 'This Morning' daytime chat show was with presenters Fern Britton and Philip Schofield. It was way back in 2003. I'd been out with my family the day before and only found out about the show when we got home. I had to pack an overnight bag and jump on the train to London immediately, finally arriving in town at midnight!


I was so excited I only had 2 hours sleep in my hotel the night before. So I had big bags under my eyes - thank goodness for the talented make-up artists at ITV."





"I was once photographed for a national newspaper. When I arrived at the studio there was a 6 foot gold harp waiting for me to pose with!"





"I've worked with many well known names as part of my work. Many of them have become friends...and fans, taking home piles of my books. Others are clients and I read angel cards for them. I once interviewed Frank Bruo at a ghost hunt - he was scared of ghosts! Just for fun - I am also followed by a lot of well known names at Twitter. (list here)"





"When I was a columnist for 'Chat it's Fate magazine' I used to get so much post I had to rope-in my mum, husband John and niece (as well as other family members) to help me. I'd write the replies personally and my helpers would be sticking on the stamps, writing labels and adding autograph cards to the envelope's. It was like one big production line. These days I chat  to fans on facebook."





"In 2010, I presented 'The Angel Experience Live with Jacky Newcomb' at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford. It was a fantastic experience and John and I were stunned to see the 15 foot promotional banner outside for the first time.


I also led the audience through a song on stage, and only agreed to sing 'ABBA's 'I have a dream' if the audience had song words to follow along. I realised that it would be really easy to fall flat on my face, especially as I really can't sing at all. I had to grab all my confidence in both hands and begin waving my arms in encouragement. Luckily they sang along and we ended the evening on a rousing note! :)


I once ran a séance with TV medium Barrie John...on stage, in front of a live audience. We had a camera right over the table where we conducted a live ouija board session. It was a great success, although at the time I was nursing a head cold and had lost my voice! But the show must go on..."





"I used to run a Promotion and Marketing company and did most of my work for a local shopping centre. Over the years I have organised events and sold and marketed many products.


It was all good experience because these days I am often asked to promote new paranormal television programmes and DVD releases...which usually involve speaking to the press or doing a dozen radio shows or more, one after the other.

Of course you know I love it all."





"For some reason a lot of celebrities read my books. I also have celebrity clients."



Strange  Stuff


"I once presented a pilot TV show - the crew shut me in a 'coffin' and sat on the lid. Luckily things like do not scare me in the least! Although I do card readings, I don't normally work as a psychic - occasionally I come out with some random stuff that is so accurate it even freaks me out! I have no idea how it works."



Personal insight


"I am a pescatarian which means I don't eat meat but I do eat fish. I've been married for 30 years. I have three sisters; one of whom, Madeline Richardson, I have written a book with (Call Me When you get to Heaven).  


I love champagne and things that are decorated with hearts, stars, leopard print and angels. I collect gold and white angels and love jewellery. Fans make me large pieces of jewellery which I wear at shows. I am a big fan of gold, bling, sparkle, glitter and crystal.


I have a gorgeous granddaughter, she calls me Nana Jacky. My cat Tigger is a rescue cat from the Cat Protection; I do fundraising for them. I was devastated when my dearly beloved black cat Magik died; she features on one of the cards in my Messages from Heaven cards. I love reading, spa days and hanging out with my friends. I currently live in Staffordshire, England."  

BBC Radio Derby

My old cat;

Post Clerk 'Magik'

Singer Toyah Wilcox

With a Harp For the Daily Mail